Recognizing Art Every Day

Recognizing Art Every Day

  • Six Things To Do To Keep Canvas Paintings In Great Shape While In Storage

    Valuable artwork needs to be stored properly to stay in good shape and retain its value. It's easy for canvases to become damaged while they're in storage if proper precautions are not taken to preserve them. The following are six things to do to keep canvas paintings in great shape while in storage: Make sure that canvases are stored in a climate controlled environment Canvas is a material that's very sensitive to the surrounding climate.

  • How Museums Are Reaching Beyond The Typical Patron And Enticing The Average Joe In The Digital Age

    Museums have long-lived a conundrum. They were built to allow the public to view art, but the bulk of the population does not come. They stand on the philosophy that art should not be in private collections, viewed by few, but rather available to all in a public setting. While that theory has been noble over the centuries, in the digital age, museum have a hard time competing for attention. In fact, two-thirds of museums have reported financial stress.

  • Feel Alive Again With Jazz Dance Lessons

    Are you feeling restless and despondent, due to the amount of interaction that you have with other people? Overseeing a household is a fact of life that many have to endure, but sometimes it causes individuals to distance themselves and experience moments of loneliness. Get your groove back and meet others in the process by participating in jazz dance lessons. What Is Jazz And How Can It Impact Your Life?

  • Enhance Your Uploaded Videos With Vibrant Color Using LUTs

    Have you ever worked hard on a video and uploaded it to a video streaming site only to find out the colors lose their luster? You've fallen victim to the effects of compression—video streaming sites have to compress video in order to save on bandwidth. This usually results in the brightness being increased and the contrast decreased, which washes out your colors. Professional producers have this problem as well—post-production is done on computer monitors, whereas the resulting film is shown on the big screen.

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Recognizing Art Every Day

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