Recognizing Art Every Day

Recognizing Art Every Day

Six Things To Do To Keep Canvas Paintings In Great Shape While In Storage

Chester Carlson

Valuable artwork needs to be stored properly to stay in good shape and retain its value. It's easy for canvases to become damaged while they're in storage if proper precautions are not taken to preserve them.

The following are six things to do to keep canvas paintings in great shape while in storage:

Make sure that canvases are stored in a climate controlled environment

Canvas is a material that's very sensitive to the surrounding climate. Climate extremes can cause the canvas to tighten or stretch out. This can, in turn, cause the paint on the canvas to flake away or crack.

Both temperature and humidity need to be controlled in an environment that's suitable for storing canvas paintings.

Avoid having canvases stored flat

It's ideal to store canvas paintings upright rather than flat. Storing canvases upright will help to keep dust from gathering on them.

Storing canvases upright rather than flat is also generally more practical because it helps conserve storage space and increase the number of canvases that can be kept in a limited amount of space.

Avoid having canvases stored right on the floor

It's easy for canvases to suffer damage from pests or spills when they are stored right on the floor. Canvases should be slightly elevated above the floor a few inches to protect them from hazards. 

Make sure that canvases are shielded from light when in storage

Direct sunlight will readily discolor canvases and warp the images on them. Rays from the sun will break down the canvas material itself over time and weaken the canvas.

Canvases should ideally be stored in low light situations. They should never be kept in a place that is exposed to direct sunlight, even temporarily. 

Make sure that stored canvases will stay dry

Moisture exposure is one of the biggest causes of damage when it comes to stored canvases. Canvases that are exposed to moisture will be likely to develop mold growth. 

You need to make sure that your stored canvases won't be underneath any plumbing or AC equipment that could possibly develop leaks. 

Keep canvases covered while they're in storage

It's a good idea to have each individual canvas you're storing covered with a light sheet or cloth while it's in storage. This way, your canvas will be less likely to be covered by cobwebs or dust while it's in storage. These types of debris could potentially degrade an uncovered canvas over time. 

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